Oct. 01 - Nov.11 Chandler, AZ 85226 US


Donation Goal: $10,000

The Arizona Association of School Psychologists (AASP) is a state affiliate to the National Association of School Psychologist (NASP).  School psychologists partner with families, teachers, school administrators, and other professionals to create safe, healthy, and supportive learning environments that strengthen connections between home, school, and the community.

School psychologists apply expertise in mental health, learning, and behavior, to help children and youth succeed academically, socially, behaviorally, and emotionally.  

As an organization AASP supports and advocates for positive impacts by promoting visionary leadership, advocating for ethically, culturally competent and socially just practices to empower others.  School psychologist have a comprehensive approach to reach out the individual as a whole.  

In addition School Psychologist collaborate with allied organizations, agencies and others to develop and achieve shared goals.  

AASP leads with enthusiasm and confidence, targeting in a very comprehensive manner, while working towards an optimistic future for all.  This year AASP has decided to unite forces to collaborate and promote a healthy life style, targeting the physical realm and collaborate with others to enrich the life of students, families and communities putting up a race that intends to donate all monetary donations to agencies within Arizona that work with children and families in this unprecedented times. 

By participating you will be supporting the unprecendent times we are currently living through example and encouragement for others to stay physically active and giving back to community agencies that work with children and families.  


Raised of $10,000


Top Donors

$1,550 Raised By 55 Donors

$200 from Anonymous
$100 on behalf of Kathy Bohan
$60 on behalf of Amanda Channer
$50 on behalf of Asheeki Elmore
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of jan mcfarland
$50 on behalf of Julene Robbins
$50 on behalf of Juliana Favela
$50 from Anonymous
$50 on behalf of Tiffany Hidge
$40 on behalf of Addison Calkins
$40 on behalf of Jody Ricker
$40 from Anonymous
$40 from Anonymous
$30 on behalf of Alicia Miller
$30 from Anonymous
$25 on behalf of Amy DIEBOLT
$25 on behalf of Carrie Igondjo
$25 on behalf of Elda Vildosola
$25 on behalf of Emily Call
$25 on behalf of Jennifer Ostrom
$25 on behalf of Maria Favela
$25 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of Allison Fairchild
$20 on behalf of Andra Karnofsky
$20 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of Brian Huss
$20 from Anonymous
$20 on behalf of Jason Miller
$20 on behalf of Jennifer Elliott
$20 on behalf of Laurel Miller
$20 on behalf of Marlon Jones
$20 on behalf of Michael Buchsbaum
$20 on behalf of Nicole Triolo
$20 on behalf of Samara Way
$20 on behalf of Susan Osman
$20 on behalf of Susan Phelps
$20 on behalf of Teresa Gonzalez
$15 on behalf of Jennifer Kirkpatrick
$10 on behalf of Cindin Carroll
$10 on behalf of Elizabeth Rivera-Russell
$10 on behalf of Elizabeth Starks
$10 on behalf of Emma Ferns
$10 on behalf of Jennifer Kirkpatrick
$10 on behalf of Melina Islas
$10 on behalf of Neef
$10 on behalf of Rachel Covey
$10 on behalf of Shannon Morse
$10 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Angelita Isaac
$5 from Anonymous
$5 on behalf of Jamie Timmerman
$5 on behalf of Jordan Nelson
$5 on behalf of Maryon Rocha
$5 on behalf of Paige Spackman


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